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Flow chamber staining modality for real-time inspection of dynamic phenotypes in multiple histological stains 2022

Zhongmin Li, Goetz Muench, Silvia Goebel, Kerstin Uhland, Clara Wenhart, Andreas Reimann. Published: May 4, 2023. Get the PDF

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Minimal Collagen-Binding Epitope of Glycoprotein VI in Human and Mouse Platelets

Han C, Ren P, Mamtimin M, Kruk L, Sarukhanyan E, Li C, Anders HJ, Dandekar T, Krueger I, Elvers M, Goebel S, Adler K, Münch G, Gudermann T, Braun A, Mammadova-Bach E. Biomedicines.  Get the PDF

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Plasma Soluble Glycoprotein VI, Platelet Function, Bleeding, and Ischemic Events in Patients Undergoing Elective Percutaneous Coronary Intervention

Shqipdona Lahu, Kristin Adler, Katharina Mayer, Ralph Hein-Rothweiler, Isabell Bernlochner, Gjin Ndrepepa, Stefanie Schüpke, Stefan Holdenrieder, Dario Bongiovanni, Karl-Ludwig Laugwitz, Heribert Schunkert, Meinrad Gawaz, Steffen Massberg, Adnan Kastrati, Götz Münch


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Definition of a sectioning plane and place for a section containing hoped‑for regions using a spare counterpart specimen

Zhongmin Li, Goetz Muench, Clara Wenhart, Silvia Goebel & Andreas Reimann. Nature/Scientifc Reports 12, Article number: 13342 (2022).  Get the PDF

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Revacept, an Inhibitor of Platelet Adhesion in Symptomatic Carotid Stenosis: A Multicenter Randomized Phase II Trial

Uphaus T; Richards T; Weimar C; Neugebauer H; Poli S; Weissenborn K; Imray  C; Michalski D; Rashid H; Loftus I; Rummey C; Ritter M; Hauser T-K; Münch G; Gröschel K; Poppert H.  Get the PDF

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Revacept, an Inhibitor of Platelet Adhesion in Symptomatic Carotid Artery Stenosis: Design and Rationale of a Randomized Phase II Clinical Trial

Gröschel K, Uphaus T, Loftus I., Poppert H, Diener HC, Zobel J, Münch G. Volume 04, Number 04 of TH Open. Get the PDF

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Thyroid-stimulating hormone receptor (TSHR) fusion proteins in Graves’ disease

Hans-Peter Holthoff, Kerstin Uhland, Gabor Laszlo Kovacs, Andreas Reimann, Kristin Adler, Clara Wenhart and Martin Ungerer. Journal of Endocrinology (2020) 246, 135–147. Get the PDF

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The antiplatelet agent revacept prevents the increase of systemic thromboxane A2 biosynthesis and neointima hyperplasia

Sara Alberti, Qianqian Zhang, Ilaria D’Agostino, Annalisa Bruno, StefaniaTacconelli, Annalisa Contursi, Simone Guarnieri , Melania Dovizio, Lorenza Falcone , Patrizia Ballerini, Götz Münch , YingYu & Paola Patrignani. Nature Research Scientifc Reports. Get the PDF

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Cyclopeptide COR-1 to treat beta1-adrenergic receptor antibody-induced heart failure

Boivin-Jahns V, Uhland K, Holthoff H-P,Beyersdorf N, Kocoski V, Kerkau T, Münch G, Lohse M. Ungerer M, Jahns R. PLoS ONE13(8): publ Aug 20, 2018. Get the PDF

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Cyclic Peptides for Effective Treatment in a Long-Term Model of Graves Disease and Orbitopathy in Female Mice

Holthoff HP, Li Z, Faßbender J, Reimann Adler K, Münch G, Ungerer M. Endocrinology 158:1-16, 2017. Get the PDF

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Recombinant GPVI-Fc added to single or dual antiplatelet therapy in vitro prevents plaque-induced platelet thrombus formation

Mojica Muñoz AK, Jamasbi J, Uhland K, Degen H, Münch G, Ungerer M, Megens R, Weber C, Lorenz R, Brandl R, Siess W. Thromb Haemost. 2017; 117(8):1651-1659.

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ADPase CD39 Fused to Glycoprotein VI-Fc Boosts Local Antithrombotic Effects at Vascular Lesions

Degen H, Borst O, Ziegler M, Mojica Munoz AK, Jamasbi J, Walker B, Göbel S, Fassbender J, Adler K, Brandl R, Münch G, Lorenz R, Siess W, Gawaz M, Ungerer M. J Am Heart Ass 2017, 6:e005991; as of July 27, 2017. Get the PDF

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Review of Mouse Models of Graves’ Disease and Orbitopathy—Novel Treatment by Induction of Tolerance

Ungerer M, Faßbender J, Li Z, Münch G, Holthoff HP. Clinic Rev Allerg Immunol /2016-016-8562-7. Get the PDF

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Rabbit models to study atherosclerosis and its complications – Transgenic vascular protein expression in vivo

Baumgartner C,  Brandl J,  Münch G, , Ungerer M. Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology 121 (2016) 131e141.

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Expanding the Roster: Developing New Inhibitors of Intravascular Thrombosis

Kleiman NS; Kolandaivelu K. J Am Coll Cardiol 2015; 65 (22): 2416 – 2419.

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Differential Inhibition of Human Atherosclerotic Plaque–Induced Platelet Activation by Dimeric GPVI-Fc and Anti-GPVI Antibodies: Functional and Imaging Studies

Jamasbi J, Megens RTA, Bianchini M, Münch G, Ungerer M, Faussner A, Sherman S, Walker A, Goyal P, Jung S, Brandl R, Weber C, Lorenz R, Elia N, Farndale J, Siess W. J Am Coll Cardiol 2015; 65 (22): 2404-2415.

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Prolonged TSH Receptor A Subunit Immunization of Female Mice Leads to a Long-Term Model of Graves’ Disease, Tachycardia, and Cardiac Hypertrophy

Holthoff HP, Goebel S,  Li Z, Faßbender J,Reimann A, Zeibig S, Lohse M, Münch G, Ungerer M. Endocrinology, April 2015, 156(4):1577–1589. Get the PDF

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Novel antiplatelet drugs in clinical development

Ungerer M, Münch G. Thromb Haemost 2013; 110.

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Pharmacological Inhibition of Platelet-Tumor Cell Cross-Talk Prevents Platelet-Induced Overexpression of Cyclooxygenase-2 in HT29 Human Colon Carcinoma Cells

Dovizio M, Maier TH, Alberti S, Di Francesco L, Marcantoni E, Münch G, John C, Suess B, Sgambato A, Steinhilber D, Patrignani P. Mol Pharmacol 84:25–40, July 2013. Get the PDF

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The GPVI – Fc Fusion Protein Revacept Reduces Thrombus Formation and Improves Vascular Dysfunction in Atherosclerosis without Any Impact on Bleeding Times

Ungerer M, Li ZM, Baumgartner C, Göbel S, Vogelmann J, Holthoff HP, Bültmann A, Gawaz M, Münch G. PLOS ONE 2013; 8(8):e71193.

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The GPVI-Fc Fusion Protein Revacept Improves Cerebral Infarct Volume and Functional Outcome in Stroke

Göbel S, Li ZM, Vogelmann J, Holthoff HP, Degen H, Hermann DM, Gawaz M, Ungerer M, Münch G. PLOS ONE 2013, 8(7):e66960.

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2010 - 2012

The recombinant bifunctional protein aCD133–GPVI promotes repair of the infarcted myocardium in mice

Baumer Y, Leder C, Ziegler M, Schönberger T, Ochmann C, Perk A, Degen H, Schmid-Horch B, Elvers M, Münch G, Ungerer M, Schlosshauer B, Gawaz M. J Thromb Haemost 2012; 10: 1152–64. Get the PDF

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Impact of glycoprotein VI and platelet adhesion on atherosclerosis—A possible role of fibronectin

Bültmann A, Li Z, Wagner S, Peluso M, Schönberger T, Weis C, Konrad I, Stellos K, Massberg S, Nieswandt B, Gawaz M, Ungerer M, Münch G. J Mol Cell Cardiol 2010; 49(3):532-42.

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Effect of the oxLDL Binding Protein Fc-CD68 on Plaque Extension and Vulnerability in Atherosclerosis

Zeibig S, Li Z, Wagner S, Holthoff HP, Ungerer M, Bültmann A, Uhland K, Vogelmann J, Simmet T, Gawaz M, Münch G. Circulation Research 2011; 108:695-703.

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Loss of protease activity of ADAM15 abolishes protective effects on plaque progression in atherosclerosis

Ungerer M, Rosport K, Bültmann A, Piechatzek R, Uhland K, Schlieper P, Gawaz M, Münch G. Int J Cardiol 152_2011 pp. 382-385. Get the PDF

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Detection of Anti β− 1-AR Autoantibodies in Heart Failure by a Cell-Based Competition ELISA

Holthoff HP, Zeibig S, Jahns-Boivin V, Bauer J, Lohse M, Kääb S, Clauss S, Jahns R, Schlipp A, Münch G, Ungerer M. Circulation Research. 2012;111:675–684. Get the PDF

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