Personalised therapies for the heart

Innovative, independent, close to the patient

We are a biotech company that independently develops innovative drugs and diagnostics for personalised treatment of cardiovascular diseases. We have a unique product pipeline that we are consistently moving into clinical trials. Our lead compound has recently been successfully tested in two Phase II studies.

We work closely with academic teams in basic and clinical research. We use state-of-the-art analytical methods and develop our products according to the highest quality standards (GLP, GMP and GCP).

Our pipeline


This is the name of our therapeutic agent for the prevention of stroke and heart attack. Its principle effectiveness has already been proven in patients. It is a soluble protein which, when blood vessels are damaged, covers the damaged areas. Revacept is designed to protect the vessel walls so that vascular occlusion does not occur.

Revacept has been shown to be well tolerated and effective in a Phase II study in carotid artery damage and heart damage. Further studies are in preparation and modified Revacept products are in pre-clinical research.

GPVI-inhibitory antibodies

Our GPVI-inhibiting antibodies follow a completely new mode of action. They prevent activation of blood platelets and are thus supposed to protect against heart attacks and strokes. They have proven their high specificity and effectiveness in animal models without increased bleeding complications.

Cyclic peptides

This is a new type of drug for the treatment of thyroid diseases and the complications they cause in the heart and eye.

Our service for you

You are looking for a service partner for the development of GLP-based measurement procedures? advanceCOR is approved for ELISA-based measurement procedures and other platelet assays according to the quality criteria of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP). For our customers we take over, for example, the investigation of pharmacokinetics in the context of preclinical or clinical projects. We also carry out the determination of antibodies in blood samples and other fluids on behalf of our clients.

Our investors